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Indian® – Victory® – Slingshot®, Rally in the Smokies

Bike Shows – June, 2017
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Bike Shows have been a part of Motorcycle Rallys for decades.   We welcome all Indian, Victory, Slingshot Motorcycle owners to participate in the 2017  Motorcycle Show.    Register at Show at the Tee Shirt Tent, Thursday – Saturday.

If you love  Indian, Victory Motorcycles & Slingshot  Motorcycles you’ve got to catch this show!

Thursday & Friday  you can register your bike at the Rally Tee Shirt Tent.
Saturday till 2:00 PM you can register your bike at the Rally Tee Shirt Tent.

Judged Bike Show
Saturday after 2:00 PM the bikes will be judged.   Your vehicle will be judged by your overall engine, paint & exterior appearance.

ALL Awards are given out Saturday June 10, 2017 – around 6:00 PM at the main stage.

** All vehicles must have tags and be street legal

Indian Motorcycle Bike Show
Sponsored By: Indian Motorcycle Charlotte
All Indian Motorcycle owners are welcome to enter their bikes in the Indian Bike Show.   We offer the following classes in the Indian Bike Show, Roadmaster, Chieftain, Chief Vintage, Chief Classic, Springfield, Chief Dark Horse, Scout, Scout Sixty & Antique, with either Trophies or Plaques.   Specialty Awards  —   Best of Show   —  Longest Distance in Show


Victory Motorcycle Bike Show
All Victory Motorcycle owners are welcome to enter their bikes in the Victory Bike Show.   We offer the following classes in the Victory Bike Show,  Victory 1200 CC, Victory Touring, Victory Baggers, Victory Cruisers & Victory Electric, with either Trophies or Plaques in each class.   Specialty Awards  —   Best of Show   —  Longest Distance in Show.


Slingshot Bike Show
Sponsored By:  Baker American Cycles
All Slingshot Motorcycle owners are welcome to enter the Slingshot Bike Show.    We offer three classes for Slingshots.   The Slingshot SLR, Slingshot SL & Slingshot with Trophies or Plaques in first and second place in each class.   Specialty Awards – Best of Show -Longest Distance in Show


antique indian bike show with bike 2 in  Antique Indian Bike Show
All Antique Indian Motorcycle Owners are welcome to enter the Antique Indian Bike Show.   Click here for Details on the Antique Indian Bike Show.


custom Indian Bike Show 72 dpi Custom Indian Bike Show
We welcome All Custom Indian Bike Builders and All Custom Indian Motorcycle Owners, to participate in the 2017 Custom Indian Bike Show.


Showing Your Motorcycle
Getting bragging rights by participating in a motorcycle show can be a fun way to spend the day. Knowing all of the details of how a motorcycle show works often helps your chances of actually winning one of these coveted trophies.   It is simply a matter of knowing how to present both your motorcycle and yourself.

Prepare your motorcycle to be shown.  It is a good idea to wash, polish and shine everything on your bike you can get to.   If you plan on riding the motorcycle to the show, clean your bike before you go, and then do a good wipe down once you get there.

Be aware of all of the class designations that the motorcycle show is offering. Some are classed by year, make, and model, custom or stock.

Arrive early.  The quicker your motorcycle is on display, the more people get to look at it.  Have everything ready to fill out your entry form to enter your motorcycle.

Set your motorcycle up in a nice display along with any trophies from past shows or photos you have to show.   Do not encroach on the other motorcycle’s space by spreading your stuff all over. Be courteous.

Stay with your motorcycle as much as possible. People like to look and ask questions about the motorcycles on display.


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