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Maggie Valley Fall Rally

Challenge Bike Games — Sept 23, 2017
Updated July 2017

fall bike games 150 dpi Registration is FREE
Riders & Passengers and all types of motorcycles are invited to Participate.  Prizes awarded to the Top Three (3) winners of the Games.

Since the early 1900s
, motorcycle riders have participated in Bike Games, which include a number of fun, casual games on and off your motorcycle games. This weekend at the Maggie Valley Spring Rally we will have the 2017 Challenge Bike Games.

A few simple rules for the Challenge Bike Games –  The motorcycle you start with in the Games you have to use every game a motorcycle is required in.   NO changing Bikes in the Games.     Note = Must Have A Minimum of Six (6) Entrees entered and participating in the Bike Games.

Saturday Sept. 23, 2017, The Challenge Bike Games start at Noon.   *** Registration for the games closes 30 minutes before the games start.

Register at the Welcome Tent for the Challenge Bike Games.   You only have to register once and you have registered for all the Challenge Bike Games.  Remember — It is FREE to Register.

Challenger Bike Games Sept 23, 2017

Beer Barrel Race The Great Tire Race
 Slow Drag Race Plank Ride
Beer Bottle Road Course Balloon Humping
Water Balloon Toss  –


Points are awarded Per Challenge Bike Game
Just like in Nascar the first race of the year all teams start the race with zero (0) points. At the end of the race you will have a team that scores the most points and is in first place and all the rest of the teams finish 2nd, 3rd, 4th and so on back. In the Challenge Bike Games we are using a similar points system with all the games.    Every team starts with zero (0) points and teams earn points according to their finish in each game.

Challenge Bike Games Points
1st Place – 5 Points Awarded Per Bike Game
2nd Place – 4 Points Awarded Per Bike Game
3rd Place – 3 Points Awarded Per Bike Game
4th Place – 2 Points Awarded Per Bike Game
5th Place & Below – 1 Point Awarded Per Bike Game

When all the games are complete the points each team aquired participating in each of the games, are added up and the team with the most points when everything is totaled, is the winner of this  Challenge Bike Games.   The rest of the teams finish 2nd, 3rd, 4th and so on back.    Trophies and prizes will be awarded at the close of all the games to the top three (3) winners


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